Lime Work:

Lime Plastering

Whether you require putty, hydraulic or lime hemp, our skilled plasterers can create the exact finish you are looking for onto any background. From small patches around a church pew to a full barn restoration, we’ve got it covered.

Lime Pointing

We are inundated with pointing jobs where the client’s walls have previously been pointed using hard cement. After carefully removing the old mortar and choosing the correct mix (dependant on the breathability of the masonry and requested finish) our skilled team will then apply and provide the relevant aftercare.

Lime Insulation

Whether Hemp / Cork or Perlite, applied by hand or machine, this product follows the contours of the wall and can be applied in various thicknesses. Specifications to meet local authority regulations. Improved thermal qualities and breathability of a solid wall construction.

Lime Wash

Internal and external lime wash available. We use a HOTMIX lime wash which is mixed onsite and applied hot. We also supply and apply a wide selection of breathable paints as well as a lichen/fungal removal service

Lime Render

Externally applied, our tradesmen can carry out the whole process; from the removal of existing hard cement, through the dubbing process and the following coats, to the final aftercare that the product needs and deserves.

Lime Crete

An eco-friendly alternative to concrete. With a reduced carbon footprint, limecrete meets all building regulations and is more than effective in creating an insulated slab. We can see from your space how much product will be required, we are then able to provide and lay this to a high standard.

Lime Parging & Slating

From repair work to a complete reslate, we offer the same care and attention. Working alongside our skilled traditional slaters, we apply lime plaster to fix the slates in position. This also acts as a second skin to absorb any condensation, keeping the building looking great, both inside and out.